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Law practice areas

Companies, investors and entrepreneurs face various legal challenges in the course of business, financing, investing and other legal transactions.

Contact us and we will discuss how to best approach your specific challenges.

1 Corporate and Commercial Law

Convening of and conducting general meetings, establishment of companies, shareholders agreements, distribution of profits, relationships between affiliated companies, mergers, relationships between company’s bodies, commercial contracts between companies, etc. There are many issues and challenges in this field. Contact us to help you solve them.  

2 Finance and investment

Bank loans, bonds, convertible instruments, collateral, receivables, factoring etc. Securing sufficient sources of funding is always one of the most important tasks for companies, which often raises complex legal issues. Contact us to secure that financing transactions will be carried out in a predictable, safe and legally compliant manner.

3 Mergers and acquisitions

We advise sellers and buyers in all phases of the sale or purchase of business shares or stocks (share deal) and in the purchase or sale of part of the business through the company’s assets (asset deal). We also advise on and manage various types of merger and division/spin-off procedures, which may include cross-border elements.

4 Regulatory & compliance

Depending on the industry in which you operate, or depending on the clients you do business with, you may be subject to sectoral regulations that coherently regulate your business (e.g., consumer regulation, consumer credit laws, insurance, banking, anti-money laundering, real estate brokerage, etc.). Contact us if you face dilemmas on how to meet the requirements of sectoral regulation and we will jointly find the best way to adapt the business to the requirements of the law.

5 Data protection & privacy

With the growing number of modern technologies, the protection of personal data is becoming increasingly important and the intertwining of law and technology is more complex than ever before. It is crucial that we, legal advisers, know the basics of technical aspects of IT services and understand your language. That is how we can together connect and intertwine both worlds properly and achieve optimal results. Contact us and we will discuss how to ensure that the processing of personal data is fully lawful.

6 Labour (employment) law

Due to its function of protecting the worker, the field of labour (employment) law is specifically regulated. Therefore, a correct understanding of its provisions is crucial for making legal and meaningful decisions. What type of employment contract to conclude, how to properly formulate a competition clause, how to properly formulate and adopt general acts of the employer, how to adequately ensure workers’ rights, when and under what conditions termination of an employment contract is lawful, what happens in case of transfers of undertakings or parts thereof, are just some of the questions that may arise. Contact us to help you resolve any dilemmas and ensure that your decisions will be meaningful and lawful.

7 Real estate

Real estate projects can be more or less complex but in each case it is important that the interests of all participants are adequately protected. We advise investors and other participants in all phases of real estate projects. We represent you in negotiations, in due diligence processes, we prepare appropriate contractual and other documentation (investment, construction and other contracts, purchase documentation, etc.), we represent you in the process of obtaining a building permit, etc.

Tax law 

Tax law issues arise in virtually every legal transaction.

Together with a partner operating in 130 countries around the world, we provide you a comprehensive advice. We advise you in particular in the legal field of corporate income tax, value added tax, real estate transaction tax and personal income tax in connection with business activity, investing and transfer and renting out various types of property (income deriving from business activity, capital gains, renting out property, etc.).

Intellectual property

Intellectual property is becoming one of the most important advantages in the technological and creative industries.




Legal support for digital services and fintech

Are you developing an innovative webapp or service? Or do you work in the field of fast-growing fintech and the use of blockchain technology?

Online services and emerging digital technologies require good communication between two worlds – digital and legal. Together, we connect them. 

Contact us for a free consultation where we will discuss how we can help you.

Fintech, blockchain & tokenization

Data processing & marketing

Websites and online stores

Online services and webapps

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